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So far my songs/poems have come from my heart when missing Debs. Maybe they will get happier when we are together again. Here are some fitting songs in the meantime 

oh my love- roy orbison.mp3 oh my love- roy orbison.mp3
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Beatles - The Long And Winding Road.mp3 Beatles - The Long And Winding Road.mp3
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I actually do have some hair left and don't always look scruffy. And I hate them plastic teeth

The Bachelors - Turn Around Look At Me.MP3 The Bachelors - Turn Around Look At Me.MP3
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Debbie. The face, eyes , heart and soul that I have loved for 24 years . And who I will love right to the end.

Ella Fitzgerald - At Last.mp3 Ella Fitzgerald - At Last.mp3
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elvis presley - love me tender.mp3

My daughter Tara from an upcoming marriage 

This is my brother Robby and his family

Welcome to our site.  I am Miles Sharpe. This site is to bring you Family photo's and a coupla songs that I have written, which are all going to be sung by my daughter, Tara. (except for the first one) These songs are a tribute to the love shared by Tara's mother and I, and my way of telling our story in song, through my words and my daughter's voice. A fitting tribute to a love that has stood the test of time. I have been told many times I do not have a romantic bone in my body. And that I am not creative. You decide.

My son and best friend from my first marriage . And he is balder than the old man.  And , here I agree with everyone else, he is better looking, but still balder

She is so lucky she is not ugly like the old man . And, she can sing. I just croak

This is my sister Cheryl and her family

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